Thursday, December 22, 2005

Sound Installation and Robert Barry

I discovered an interview with Robert Barry in which he futher describes the Carrier Wave pieces. Here is a snippet:

" father made these little carrier wave transmitters where, in the immediate area, say of the gallery, all radio waves would just simply be completely silent. If you walked in with a portable radio, the station would just go silent, because my little carrier wave was blotting it out. Then the second group of transmitters put a little signal on, kind of a whistle, so that when you entered the gallery, if you had a little radio, you could hear this little whistle which would come on your radio, which would also blot out the other radio stations, but it would blot them out with this particular signal. And the farther away from the gallery you got the weaker it was."

This clarifies a bit - it appears that the works actively interfered with local radio, to the point of blocking all transmission, not just on one frequency.

Barry also remarks further on the Inert Gas pieces in this interview.

Apparently he also created some sound pieces in the 70's and 80's...


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