Saturday, April 29, 2006

Microsoft Excel

One aspect of technology that is far too often overlooked by the masses is its ability to do something other than its original intention. This figures strongly into electronic music, as the very construction of some technologies (like MIDI) are such that they can be easily subverted into new and exciting uses.

As one of the better examples of this I've seen recently, Danielle Aubert posted collections of drawings that she made using Microsoft Excel. That's right - a spreadsheet software. Many of us know it for its usefulness as a grading tool, but it has colors and lines and the ability to change the text as well. Using these simple tools, Danielle, a graphic design artist at Yale, made really interesting drawings. Mike Boyd - you might see some similarities to your own work in these!

I should also note that these are about a year old, so they aren't exactly breaking news, but they are interesting enough to share. Enjoy!!!

(Picture courtest of Neatorama and Danielle Aubert)


Blogger Mike Boyd said...

There are several qualities about Aubert's work that are really interesting. For one, since I make my scores in Word, it's always cool to see artists using Microsoft applications to create art (as Kristian implies in his original post)! Also nice is the self-history aspect of her work - logging data about the creation of the work in Excel and then printing pages about it and placing them inside it. Very cool sort of self-reflexive feature. Looking just at a couple of her pieces, I noticed a sort of auto-biographical trend as well - there's a nice clothing book that has threads and pictures of clothes she's owned. I'd look at more when I have the time, it's very interesting.

5/10/2006 7:39 AM  

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