Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Pressure Today

I keep saying it, but there are some really great artist websites out there. Thankfully there are great blogs like Information Aesthetics to help me find them all. Infoaesthetics linked to Peter Dykhuis's Data Paintings, which appeal to me like Jasper John's encaustic works do - just plain tactile to me for some reason. But for me the Data Paintings aren't as interesting as Dykhuis's Pressure Today.

I've been mulling over posting this for a few days, but Mike Boyd's comments about the Excel art pushed this into the blogosphere for me. This is also a daily log, with the dual logs of the daily mail and a drawing reflecting the barometric pressure reported at the same weather station each day. I'm finding myself continually drawn (sorry for the pun) to art that incorporates topographic imagery perhaps it is my interest in navigation, born at a young age flying cross country with my father, or maybe it is just that I like curvy lines....

At any rate, these dual logs have a subtle thread connecting them, in that one can't predict the mail any better than the daily barometric pressure! haha! Also, as evidence by the title, the mail brings with it a whole range of responsibility, from bills to items that require one's attention (a good sale, or maybe correspondance with a long lost friend).


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