Friday, June 02, 2006

Internet Excursion 6.02.06

I have only been blogging about items that I find both interesting and have something at least somewhat meaningful to say about. But I find all sorts of interesting things flitting about the Internet, and so I'm going to begin occasionally sharing these links with you. These are items for which I might find myself at a loss for words, or might not fit directly within the theme of Sonic Event.

Heady Metal: A NYT Magazine article about sunn0))), a drone metal group. A fun read!

Superformula 3D: an equation that attempts to model natural systems.

The Large Glass as a sliding sash window: a discussion of Marcel Duchamp's work with windows.

Architecture and interaction design: something I've been meaning to blog about - a (long) and really interesting take on what the author calls "interaction design."

soundaXis: a festival that attempts to take over Toronto.

David Byrne: yes, THAT David Byrne on Baltimore and cell phone ring tones.

Google Earth Sound?: City of Sound (once again) on a Google Earth hack that incorporates historical maps and city sounds. Good stuff!

City of Sound is simply too fine a blog to ignore - I've added it to my blogroll. Bookmark it!


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