Wednesday, February 07, 2007

2.7.2007 (Fire Piece #1)

Last week two good friends visited me here in Minnesota for a week of performing, chatting and catching up. As part of this, I learned that they are working on a Fluxus inspired work, and, by their example, I am featuring a week of Fluxus here on Sonic Event! For the next week I will post a new Fluxus work, written that day. Please comment, especially if you realize any of them. I'll feature the performances here on Sonic Event.


2.7.2007 (Fire Piece #1)


Power Supply
Sound Producing Item (i.e. Piezo Buzzer)
Candle or other open flame

Connect the sound producing item to the power supply via the wire, which should be long enough to accommodate the flame underneath. Light the flame and allow it to burn through the wire as the item sounds. The piece ends when the sound ends.


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