Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Urban Safari

Via Neatorama comes this excellent artwork by Karolina Sobecka. Using a simple sensor on the wheels of cars driven by the San Jose Tiger Posse, Sobecka creates a dynamic projection that runs faster as the car speeds up and slows and stops with the car. The video is really interesting, and I particularly like when the image is projected onto the trees.

Of note is that pedestrians seem unaware of the work. This isn't a problem (other than I wish that they could experience it), as those of you that know me know my feeling on approaching/experiencing art (it is up to the audience to choose to view the art when they are ready), and it illuminates the wide variety of ways in which an audience can experience this art.

Hit the play button or go directly to You Tube


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ya, that's pretty cool. I was on a computer that didn't have sound but visually it was impressive.
Mark Hasbrouck

11/24/2006 3:30 AM  

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