Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Link-o-rama 6.06.06

Ooo - the EVIL day. Here are a bunch more links. I know that it's lazy, but I've been visiting folks in Washington DC (some links below are in reference to the trip).

Here we go:

Patent Goo - A description of self-replicating medicine and the consequences of this. Pretty scary stuff if you take it a step further.

Faidley's - The best crabcake in Maryland. I don't like crabcakes, but someone important to me loves them! (that's you, Rebekah Moore).

Gamelan Mitra Kusima - When I lived in the DC area, I participated in this Balinese style gamelan. I was fortunate to perform in two concerts in the three days I spent there. Thanks, Nyoman and Latifah!

Chi Cha Lounge - I've been there a number of times in the last two years, and it was my "last meal" yesterday. It certainly didn't disappoint!


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