Friday, August 18, 2006

Poor research techniques

Another example of either poor reporting or poor research techniques....

Researchers, led by Miguel Munoz-Laboy of Columbia University, have concluded that listening to certain types of music leads to increased risk of contracting AIDS. At least, that is what the headline says. Here are some quotes from the article:

"They said images of scantily-clad women in submissive roles in hip hop music videos, for example, had a "real impact on their lives," he said."

"The study did not imply listening to certain types of music causes HIV infection but simply found links between genres and risk factors."

""Boys who listened to hip hop had more sex and more partners, but it did not impact condom use," said Munoz-Laboy. "Those who are part of religious culture or the club scene used condoms inconsistently.""

The problem that I have with this is that there is no mention of a causal relationship between the music and sex. There may be such a relationship with music videos, or with "club" culture, but the story has zero evidence that the music itself leads to increased sexual activity.


Blogger Mike Boyd said...

This is the sort of thing that the health/life insurance industry probably loves - new risk factors that allow them to raise rates for a significant portion of the population!

8/18/2006 11:29 AM  

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