Saturday, August 05, 2006

Art that changes to reflect your mood

This entry has two facets. First, the art itself.

Yahoo picked up a story about a work developed by John Collomosse, Maria Shugrina and Margrit Betke that responds to facial cues. "The painting changes from a dark, somber image to a brightly-coloured one as the viewer's expression alters from a scowl to a smile." Here is an example from the exhibition:

Like many of the other works featured on this blog, I remain guarded about the actual aesthetic appeal of this manifestation of the software. Neat idea, not necessarily the most exciting result. But of course I say this without having experienced the work.

The other facet of this entry is that work like this is starting to infiltrate the mainstream media. Like blogging (or other Web 2.0 developments) perhaps there will be a critical mass of new and interesting art. The time might be right for an explosion of (hopefully) avant-garde art, like the 50's and 60's.

Or maybe I'm just hoping.......


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