Sunday, June 18, 2006

Plinth love

British artist David Hensel "chuckled" when he visited the installation of his work "One Day Closer to Paradise" in the Royal Academy in London.

Why? Well, the curators liked the base (plinth) more than the head on top and so separated the two and then put the base on display! Apparently the head may be reinstated, but an amusing story nonetheless.

via Rodcorp and The Guardian.


Blogger Mike Boyd said...

I can see why the curator did this. The face itself is very stylized and to me seems almost banal. The material that it and the base are made out of seems great, though, and the base alone might have some interesting textural and formal subtlties that make it the striking component. When I was in Maine last summer and visiting the art gallery at the College of the Atlantic, they had a number of outdoor pieces in their collection - those that were specifically representational seemed very unoriginal, while others that consisted of, for example a slab of granite with a thin line of moss, were quite remarkable.

6/21/2006 5:18 PM  

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