Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Godotcast #2

I've added the second installment of the "Godotcast" to my Podcast (can be found in the sidebar to the right). In this installment I describe the process behind the final cues for each act and a brief discussion of the collaborative process. I utilized Shepard's Tones for these cues to represent the endless waiting that the characters undergo in the play. Those of you that know know how much I like these sounds, but hopefully you get a kick out the end of the show, where I attempt to replicate these tones on a piano.

You can listen to this either through the embedded player in the sidebar or you can download the audio seperately below. There is a short advertisement if you download the audio.

Direct link to audio.


Blogger Mike Boyd said...

Cool piano realization of the endless gliss. I find it (usually) interesting when someone takes something like this gliss that seems very tied to the technology that created it and makes it happen with a different (sometimes simpler) technology. Sort of like Stuart Dempster's cistern project which accomplishes a fantastic reverb not by electronic means buy by finding a really reverberant space. Too bad it was cut!

11/09/2006 10:38 AM  

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