Thursday, September 07, 2006

Intel Inside

It is cliche now to remind people that music is happening around us all the time, that we are constantly surrounded by sound and music.

But one of the most important innovations in this regard has been the personal computer. Our computers interact with us in at least 3 of our senses - Sight, Touch and Sound. And I'll bet that you've never wondered about all of those bleeps and clicks that come from your computer, have you?

via MusicThing comes the story of Walter Werzowa, an Austrian man who composed the "theme" (jingle?) for Intel. You know, the Intel Inside jingle. Click on the link for more info.

If you click through each story, you'll find out who write the Windows 95 startup music (Eno), the guy who wrote the THX sound (he studied at IRCAM), the MAC startup sound....I could keep going. Good stuff!


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