Wednesday, October 04, 2006


It is cliche to say that electronic music is heard all the time on TV now. But I wanted to briefly mention 'Lost', the hit series on ABC. The soundtrack/music in the show is typical, run of the mill scary movie fare with screeching strings and coordinated "hits" to emphasize cliffhanger moments. These typically happen right at a commercial break (like George Costanza's old 'leave on a high note' routine!).

But the opening titles, short as they are, are interesting. This extremely brief segment, measuring less than 10 seconds, is a subtle wash of sound that trails into a scraping pitched sound, not unlike a rusty windmill. There is no rhythm and certainly no semblnce of "theme song" as is so common on television. Kudos to 'Lost' for interjecting, even if only for 10 seconds, a little breath of new music!


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